The Kind Cleaning Starter Kit

The Kind Cleaning Starter Kit is the perfect nudge in the right direction to start your eco-friendly journey. It is designed to reduce the waste produced as well as the chemicals used in your basic cleaning routine.


The Kind Cleaning Starter Kit includes:

- Our new Roodt Dishwashing & Laundry soap bar

- 1x Natural Life Hemp and Jute dish scrubby

- 1x Natural Life Bamboo Pot Scrubber

- 1x The Apothecary Multipurpose Citrus Infused Vinegar 500ml 


How will The Kind Cleaning Starter Kit help you on your sustainable lifestyle journey?


- Our new Roodt Dishwashing & Laundry soap bar is made from high-quality pure coconut oil instead of tallow which makes this product vegan! It is handcrafted by an amazing small South African business. Very importantly, it has excellent cleaning properties and is very versatile. It can be used to clean dishes, all surfaces and removes stains from clothing! This means that you will be able to replace more than one plastic bottle with this one awesome product!


- The Natural Life Bamboo Pot Scrubber is perfect for scrubbing those pesky pots and pans that might have been left just a little too long. They are made from FSC approved Bamboo that is naturally anti-microbial and the bristles are made from high-quality palm fibres that are naturally strong and durable. Not only are they a much better eco-friendly choice than your average plastic/metal pot scrubber they are also gorgeous and will become a functional piece of kitchen decor.


- The Apothecary Multipurpose Citrus Infused Vinegar is a powerful, all-natural, and multi-purpose household cleaner with a beautiful fresh fragrance of lemons. It is completely safe to use anywhere in the home. Our customers absolutely love this product! The combination of vinegar and citrus acids make for a very effective natural degreaser and stain remover. You will be amazed at what this bottle of natural power can do without containing any chemicals!


The Kind Cleaning Starter Kit is a great way to ease you into a more sustainable way of cleaning. 

The Kind Cleaning Starter Kit



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