The Shower Scrunchy

We have searched far and wide for an alternative for those plastic shower scrunchies that most households use and we can say, with a lot of confidence, that this is the best alternative out the 


They are made from high-quality 100% cotton fabric and string. Not only will they replace your plastic shower scrunchie but they are also an amazing exfoliator! This means that you can replace your current body exfoliator as well! You will be eliminating the plastic container your scrub, most probably, is packaged in as well! This makes the Shower Scrunchy a great money saver too!


Care instructions:

- Before your first use clean your scrunchy with soap and water and hang out to dry.

- Sometimes your soap can cause some build-up here and there. This usually happens with a synthetic scrunchy as well. To avoid this from happening, make sure you rinse out your scrunchy properly after every use.

- Hang your scrunchy in the sun every so often, we suggest 3 times a week, this will kill off possible bacteria and keep your scrunchy healthy.

The Shower Scrunchy