The Baby Cleansing Cloth Called Occie - Pink

This super-soft little miss is the perfect cleansing cloth for your babies delicate skin. It is reusable, machine washable, antibacterial and cost-effective, therefore it is eco-friendly and it lasts about 1000 washes. It is super soft, gentle, soothing and chemical-free and can be used for all skin types. No additional chemicals are needed when using this little lady, therefore retaining the skins natural PH balance, leaving it soft, cleansed and rejuvenated. Perfect for sensitive skin types!


Oh, its name is Occie by the way!


Occie is made of a delicate fabric blend of polyester and silk fibres. This polyester is made from 80% recycled plastic! The practice of making polyester fleece from recycled PET bottles is a way to reduce the amount of plastic that is otherwise buried in landfills. Putting good use to those bottles you send for recycling!


Because of Occies extremely soft nature, you will find it doubles really well as a sleep time comforter and its little eyes generate quite a few fascinated "OOOEEE"s and giggles.


After use, wash the cloth with any soap in your bathroom, rinse out well and hang up to air-dry. Once or twice a week, machine washes using a lukewarm or cold wash. Once washed hang to air-dry. Do not leave your cloth in direct sunlight or tumble dry.


Even though Occie is made from recycled plastic and is a great eco-friendly alternative it should not be thrown in the trash after it's long, LONG life. Please dispose of it by using sustainable methods like eco-bricking.

The Baby Cleansing Cloth Called Occie - Pink

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