Chrome Finish Safety Razor

This beautiful lady is a three-piece razor with smooth, elegant lines. It has a durable hard chrome finish and will last you many years if taken care of and used sensibly. The ribbed neck provides a surprising amount of grip. This razor is sleek, weigh 98 grams, with a sensible length of 114 mm. You would expect to have to be extra careful with one of these but just the opposite is true, you can expect fewer cuts than with your conventional plastic-handled razor.




Razor Cair:

Clean your razor with an old toothbrush, water and soap from time to time to avoid the buildup of detergents. Take the blade out of the razor if not used regularly, corrosion might leave an ugly smudge on the beautiful chrome finish. It is also recommended to take your razor apart after use and leaving it to dry.


This razor will reduce the amount of plastic you dispose of drastically. It is sobering to realize that when disposing of a plastic razor handle or blade cartridge, that plastic is taken to a landfill and there it can live for around 450 years!  When we throw these items away, they are never in the true sense "away", they keep on existing somewhere else and as time goes by they disintegrate into smaller and smaller pieces of microplastics that contaminate the earth and all that lives on it.


This amazing product helps you to:

- Reduce the amount of plastic your household sends to landfills.

- Save money as the blades are much cheaper to replace than plastic blade cartridges. The actual razor handle can also last you a lifetime if looked after properly.

- Support South African companies

Chrome Finish Safety Razor

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