Natural Glycerin Soap Bar


- Aloe Vera

- Mango

- Sandalwood

- Lemon Grass and Bran

- Jasmine and Bran

- Cucumber and Avacado


These natural soap bars are made from the highest quality vegetable glycerine and essential oils. They are PH balanced, making them gentle enough to use on babies or for those with sensitive skin and each essential oil is carefully selected for its healing properties. Best of all they are locally made by an accredited aromatherapist. They are plastic-free, animal product free and not tested on animals which makes them perfect for your vegan household.


A 2009 Swiss study found that the carbon footprint of liquid soap is about 25 % larger than that of bar soaps. Liquid soap requires 5 times more energy to produce and nearly 20 times more energy to package. We also use about 7 times more liquid soap than bar soap for each wash.


Animal products you are avoiding by using these soaps:

- Lanolin

- Beeswax

- Honey

- Tallow (animal fat)

- Palm oil (plant-based but the harvesting of Palm Oil contributes to habitat disruption)

- Animal-derived Sodium Stearate

- Animal-derived Glycerin


By using this natural bar soap you reduce your carbon footprint on:

- the production of the soap

- the energy needed to produce the packaging

- the plastic waste created by packaging and distributing before use

- the plastic waste after you have used the soap

- the carbon produced in the rearing of the animals that would have been used in non-vegan soap ingredients


You also:

- reduce the number of products in your home that contains unnecessary animal products

- save on the amount of soap you need to purchase

- support South African Business

Natural Glycerin Soap Bar

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