Multi-purpose Citrus Infused Vinegar cleaner - 500ml

The Citrus Infused Vinegar Cleaner is a powerful, all-natural, and multi-purpose household cleaner with a beautiful fresh fragrance of lemons. It is completely safe to use anywhere in the home. Our customers absolutely love this product!


The combination of vinegar and citrus acids make for a very effective natural degreaser and stain remover. You will be amazed at what this bottle of natural power can do without containing any chemicals!


It is bottled in glass with an aluminium twist top and paper labels so it's completely reusable, recyclable and plastic-free.



  • Use neat or diluted to clean windows and glass
  • Cleans ceramic, metal, or any hard household surfaces, including wood
  • Add to rinse water or use as a dishwasher rinse aid for sparkling dishes and clear pipes
  • Add to a bucket of water to mop floors, including wooden floors
  • Use neat to clean and disinfect toilet bowl, chopping boards and surfaces
  • Add to a foot bath – softens skin, fights fungal infection and improves circulation
  • Freshens the air and deters insects.


Tip: Pair with The Apothecary Dishwasher Salts for clean and sparkling results without no harsh chemicals.



- The Citrus infused Vinegar has so many uses, you will be able to replace your tile cleaner, metal surface cleaner, wood surface cleaner, toilet cleaner etc all with just this one product! That not only helps you to reduce significant amounts of plastic bottles in your kitchen it also simplifies your life so much and saves you some money.

- Because the Citrus infused Vinegar is 100% natural you don't run the risk of bringing harmful chemicals into your home and washing it into the environment.

- This product has proudly been manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa by The Apothecary, so you will be supporting local small businesses.



- Lemon essential oil (organic) 

- Sweet orange essential oil (organic)

- White vinegar.

White vinegar is slowly infused with fresh citrus peels, citric acid (non-GM), organic essential oils of lemon and sweet orange.


The Citrus Infused Vinegar All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect eco-friendly and zero waste replacement for your household cleaning needs!

Multi-purpose Citrus Infused Vinegar cleaner - 500ml

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