Kind Shopper Bag - Maroon Mandala

These beautiful shopper bags are proudly made by us, The Kind Cart!

They are made from 100% cotton calico fabric with 100% cotton printed details. 


With this reusable Kind Shopper Bag, you will reduce your single-use plastics drastically! No more feeling terrible after saying "Yes" to the cashier when she asks if you need plastic bags!


These cotton shopper bags have been flooding the retail scene recently, and while this is great to reduce the use of plastic bags, we need to make sure that we are buying quality bags that will last us long enough to really make a difference in reducing our consumption. Many of these bags break after the third use and end up in a dumpster anyway. So make sure you are buying good quality bags and don't forget them at home!

Kind Shopper Bag - Maroon Mandala