The Kind Comprehensive Bathroom Kit

The Kind Comprehensive Bathroom Kit is the perfect way to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. The products included in this kit has carefully been selected for you to complement each other and help you reduce as much waste as possible.  All the products included in the kit are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan and sourced from small South African businesses.


The Kind Bathroom Kit includes:

- 1 Planet Klean Bath Loofah

- 1 Wow Jude Facial Cleaning Cloth

- 1 set of 5 Natural Life Hemp Face Scrubbies

- 1 Natural Life Natural Soap Bar

- 1 Zero Bar Shampoo Bar

- 1 Earthly Bamboo Toothbrush

- 1 container of 60 Earthly Mint Toothpaste Bits

- 1 Chrome Finish Safety Razor


How will The Kind Bathroom Kit help you on your sustainable lifestyle journey:


- The Planet Klean Natural Bath Loofah will replace your plastic mesh shower scrubby. The Natural Bath Loofah is made from 100% natural and biodegradable linen fabric where plastic mesh shower scrunchies are made from non-renewable fossil fuels, they are also not recyclable which means they will end up in a landfill where they will slowly release microplastics into the environment. The Natural Bath Loofah is also an excellent body exfoliator, you will have no need for an additional body scrub which means there is no risk of using a product that might contain unnecessary animal products.


- The Wow Jude facial cloth will replace your makeup remover and face wash that comes in a plastic bottle. It will also reduce the risk of you using products that might contain harmful chemicals or unnecessary animal products. It is made from recycled plastic which promotes the responsible and sustainable use of plastics. It also has a very long lifespan which means you will be saving money on products.


- The Hemp Face Scrubbies from Natural Life is a customer favourite! They will replace your face scrub that is normally packaged in a plastic tub. They reduce the risk of you using any harmful chemicals or unnessasery animal products on your face. They also have a long life span which means they will save you a lot of money on products. The hemp fibres which they are made from is a renewable resource and is biodegradable, so no harm is done to the environment. They are absolutely incredible and does a much better job than your tubbed exfoliators. 


- The Natural Life Glycerine Soap Bar is made from 100% plant-based and natural products which means you don't run the risk of using any harmful chemicals or unnecessary animal products on your body. It also comes in biodegradable packaging which replaces your liquid soaps plastic packaging.


- The Zero Shampoo Bar is also one of our customer favourites! This amazing shampoo bar replaces your shampoo and conditioner which not only reduce two plastic bottles in your household but it also saves you a lot of money spent on overpriced shampoos and conditioner. The feedback that we have received from customers on these bars have been phenomenal. We have tested quite a few shampoo bars and can say with confidence that the Zero Shampoo bar is a definite game changer!


- The Earthly Bamboo Toothbrush is a true eco hero! Plastic toothbrushes are made from polypropylene plastic, which is sourced from non-renewable fossil fuels. They can't be recycled which means they end up on a landfill where they can live for 450 years before they have broken down into microplastics that pollute the environment. These bamboo toothbrushes are made from renewable FSC approved bamboo and they are biodegradable which means no harm is done to the environment and you can add them to your home compost!


- The toothpaste bits comes packaged in a tin which is reusable. They replace the plastic tubes of toothpaste that you would normally use. They are made from all-natural and vegan-friendly ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your teeth or body when accidentally consumed.


- This beautiful three-piece razor with smooth, elegant lines has a durable hard chrome finish and will last you a lifetime if taken care of and used sensibly. The ribbed neck provides a surprising amount of grip. This razor is sleek, weigh 98 grams, with a sensible length of 114 mm. You would expect to have to be extra careful with one of these but just the opposite is true, you can expect fewer cuts than with your conventional plastic-handled razor. This razor will reduce the amount of plastic you dispose of drastically. It is sobering to realize that when disposing of a plastic razor handle or blade cartridge, that plastic is taken to a landfill and there it can live for around 450 years! 4 Razors are included. 

The Kind Comprehensive Bathroom Kit