Eco Teething Ring - Collect Me Skapie

Collect these adorable Eco Teething Rings for your little one! They also make for the cutest baby shower gift while helping to save our environment by replacing one more plastic or silicone toy!



  • 100% cotton is used for the animal teether
  • Sanded down beach wood is used for the teething ring


This gift will definitely get you those “OOOEEEs”, “AAAHHHHs” and “THAT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!” that we all secretly want when it is gift opening time!


Our Eco Teething Ring is also available in a set with a personalized dummy clip to make your gift just that little bit extra special! 


Care instructions:
- Wash in warm water with a non-toxic soap. We suggest our 100% natural Laundry Salts.

- Hand wash only, note that wooden beads should not be left in water for too long so please don’t soak them.

- Air dry and once dry the wood can be rubbed with coconut oil/olive oil to keep it from cracking.


Why cotton and wood instead of plastic or, the very popular, silicone teether?

Health and safety:

  • A study that was done in the United States found that harmful, endocrine/hormone-disrupting chemicals that were banned from baby bottles can still be found in teething rings. These chemicals could, according to studies, interfere with the hormones and cause developmental, reproductive and neurological harm.
  • Many teethers are also treated with antimicrobial agents like triclosan and triclocarban which are also hormone disruptors according to researchers.
  • Because babies suck on teethers to soothe those aching gums, the presence of potentially harmful chemicals on the surface is very concerning.
  • By opting for a product that is 100% natural like cotton and wood you avoid the possibility of exposing your baby to these harmful chemicals.
  • The soft gentle texture of crochet toys is perfect for tactile stimulation. The toys help to develop babies’ fine motor skills.
  • The wooden components are made of sanded down beech wood. Scientists have found beech wood to be one of the top three kinds of wood that have the highest decrease rate in “bacterial titre”.


Environmental reasons:

  • Cotton and wood is a 100% natural and renewable resource which makes it much more sustainable than plastic options that are made from fossil fuels.
  • Cotton and wood are also biodegradable which means that if for some reason, the teether is discarded, in time, it will break down into natural components that will cause no harm to the environment.
  • Silicone is also a very popular choice for teething toys and although they are a better eco-friendly option than plastic, they are composed of synthetic polymers made from silicon, oxygen and other elements like carbon and hydrogen. Although they can be recycled there isn’t a lot of recycling plants that are capable of doing so which means they will, very likely, end up in a landfill where they can live for hundreds of years.
  • The carbon offset of producing silicone also adds to the benefit of rather opting for natural products like cotton and wood.


Ethical Reasons:

Cotton is used instead of wool which makes these teethers vegan friendly.

Please note that children and babies should never be left unsupervised while using these products. There could be a choking hazard and adults should always be alert. It is important to inspect products regularly for any wear and tear. Once purchased from us, the buyer assumes full responsibility and liability for our products and the use thereof.

Eco Teething Ring - Collect Me Skapie

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