Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver during lockdown?

Yes, all e-commerce channels are open for trade, your parcel might take a little longer to get delivered because of staff capacity at the courier companies but other than that business carries on as usual.

How do you prevent the spread of Covid-19?

All our suppliers comply to the prescribed safety measures, on our side we sanitize all stock upon arrival. Your items and the courier packaging are sanitized again when dispatched and we only use courier services that comply with the prescribed safety measures. We do advise you to sanitize your package again upon delivery and make sure to wear a mask when collecting your parcel from the delivery person. This keeps both you and the delivery person safe.

Do you deliver internationally?

Unfortunately we don't courier internationally as yet.

Would you be interested in stocking my products?

We are always searching for exciting new products to offer our customers. Please make sure your products are: - eco-friendly - cruelty-free - vegan - Proudly South African You can contact us at elisma.thekindcart@gmail.com



Address: South Africa, Pretoria

Email:  elisma.thekindcart@gmail.com

Cell: 061 395 8592

Delivery is calculated at checkout.

Please note that we try to keep our prices as low as possible to make it easy for you to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. This is why we, unfortunately, can't offer you free delivery.



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